Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs in Georgia

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Latest News from WALB TV (Albany, GA): More Venomous Snakes Being Seen This Year in Georgia

Don't let this happen to your dog...

After a bite from a venomous snake, your dog's face may swell to double or triple its usual size. Even with conventional veterinary care – which may cost over $3,000 ― many dogs will die.

Here's what you can do...
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Snake Avoidance Training Fee: $50 per dog

Location: Rescue Me! Animal Rehabilitation Center, Watkinsville, GA
75 minutes east of Atlanta, Georgia; 30 minutes south of Athens, Georgia
20 minutes north of Interstate 20 (Madison, Georgia)

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In one short session, we will teach your dog to avoid rattlesnakes and other venomous snakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know rattlesnakes are found in every county of Georgia, so why do I rarely see them?

Rattlesnakes are all around you in rural areas and within many cities, but since they camouflage so well, they are rarely seen.
For example, can you find the rattlesnake in this photo?
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Will the correction given by the training collar harm my dog?

Absolutely not. Have you ever walked across a carpet then touched a light switch and received a slight static electricity shock?
The correction given feels very similar to this. It has a strong effect, though, because it is unexpected and startles the dog.

How long does a rattlesnake avoidance training session take?

Training sessions usually last about 15 to 30 minutes per dog.

How do you keep my dog from getting bitten during the training session?

All snakes are kept in secure cages made of wire mesh preventing all contact between your dog and the snake.

Does the training help with other types of snakes, or just rattlesnakes?

We have found that most dogs tend to avoid all types of snakes after receiving a snake aversion training session.

Will my dog forget what they learn during the training session?

Usually not, but this will vary from dog to dog. It may be a good idea to do refresher training every few years.
Watch the video at the top of this page and you will see a dog trained two years prior still avoiding snakes.

What should I purchase so I am prepared in case my dog ever gets bitten by a snake?

The most important thing to have on hand is a snake bite kit. Keep it with you at all times when outdoors with your dog.
If you think you ever might want to try our natural snake bite treatment be sure to order these:
2 or more boxes of Yunnan Baiyao and 1 bottle of Vitamin C Powder.

What should I do if my dog was just bitten by a venomous snake?

If you have a snake bite kit on hand, begin using it immediately. Click here to order a snake bite kit now and be prepared.
Next, take your dog to the closest veterinarian for emergency treatment. There are various treatment options available.
Read about a natural treatment which has helped save the lives of our own animals: Dog Snake Bite Treatment

How do I schedule a snake avoidance training session?

Call Jeff at 706-769-9696 to schedule your session.

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